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MMA Betting

Mixed martial arts emerged when the Ultimate Fighting Championship made its first appearance in 1993, where it took place in Denver, Colorado. Furthermore, MMA has developed into a big and popular sport with professional athletes. This is different from the uncensored and unedited sport that it was 29 years ago.

Now, MMA betting has become a hugely popular sport, so much to the point that the commentators cite the newest UFC betting lines as they preview upcoming matches. However, this guide looks at MMA online betting in the USA with that in mind. Stay with us!

Which US States is MMA betting allowed?

Knowing where MMA betting is lawful in the United States is essential before selecting your desired UFC betting sites. Typically, MMA/UFC betting is lawful wherever sports betting is legal.

This means that gamblers in Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Michigan, West Virginia, Indiana, and other states permit bettors to bet on MMA events.

The UFC gets more famous every day, and the best United States sportsbooks aim to deliver the odds for all fighting events. The fast development of the UFC and MMA indicates that gamblers now have numerous sportsbook alternatives, several competitive odds, huge betting bonuses, and unique betting techniques and tips.

However, this is a good development for sports gamblers because there are now diverse ways to earn money by placing bets on their finest fighters.

How To Identify the Best MMA Betting Sites

As discussed earlier, MMA came into the mainstream a few years back. Therefore, their sportsbooks are bound to present wide coverage of several major and minor UFC events.

Furthermore, there are three main aspects you need to look out for when trying to identify the best MMA betting sites. These main aspects include:

  • Licensing status
  • The variety of MMA wagers on offer
  • Competitiveness of the lines.

Licensing Status

As a bettor, one of the most effective ways to ensure that your money is safe and your earnings paid promptly is by using licensed MMA online betting platforms. Licensed operators obey state regulations controlling the security of users’ data, fairness, and payout speeds. Nonetheless, the US sports betting industry has several well-funded legal operators that provide high-quality technology, numerous betting options, and regular promotions.

Beyond all doubts, betting on a legal UFC betting site makes life much simpler. They offer several payment options, good odds, high security, and fast payout processing.

Combination of MMA Wagers Offered

When betting on MMA, the combination of wagers a sportsbook provides is essential to consider. Several mobile sportsbooks provide only the usual win/lose bets. At the same time, some offer a wider variety of betting options like Over/under bets, round winner, Winning Method, Fight duration, and future champions.

Competitive Lines

We have looked into some betting lines, and we discovered that some sportsbooks offer better lines than other sportsbooks on average. Competitive odds make a significant difference to a gambler’s bottom line in the long run. For instance, If platform A is willing to offer +220 odds on a particular fighter to win a match, platform B offers +190. In this scenario, bettors don’t need to be told the best choice between the two platforms.

Additionally, it would help to consider operating funded accounts at 2 or more sportsbooks to price shop before betting on MMA fights. Also, you will often discover disparities in UFC wagering odds across numerous sportsbooks.

How to Bet on MMA

Before you start betting on MMA, you need to know several betting options on offer. Below is a list of different wagering options available.

The Moneyline MMA Bets

This is the easiest type of UFC bet when selecting the fighter to win a matchup. However, if the fighter you’ve selected wins the fight, you’ve won the bet. For example, Moneyline MMA bets are usually in the format below.

  • Fighter X: -206
  • Fighter Y: +270

The odds above suggest two things. First, the negative odds on Fighter X show that the fighter is the big favorite. Secondly, you can denote that Fighter Y is the lesser favorite because of the positive odds.

Go The Distance Bets

“Fight to go the distance” is a popular MMA bet where gamblers can either select a “yes” or “no” option on two fighters who have made it to the final bell. For instance, this type of bet is ideal for gamblers who are experiencing problems picking the winner of a fight when both fighters are fierce and explosive athletes.

Instead of predicting the winner, the bettor may see it wiser predict it to be a short bout.

Round Totals

This wagering option is similar to “go the distance” but uses an over/under formatting. In multiple cases, sportsbooks often limit the round tally to 2.5 rounds before a five-round title bout. Consequently, gamblers are to forecast whether the fight will go above 2.5 rounds or end before the mid-round.

Winning Round

This bet option lists the contestants with one to five rounds shown beneath their names. All a gambler needs to do is select the winner of the fight & the concluding round.

Method of Winning

The wager involves picking the fight winner and winning method. Generally, the options available for each contestant include Winning by decision, Winning by TKO, DQ, or TKO, and Winning by submission.

Final Words

Thanks to the best UFC betting platforms, engaging in real money MMA betting action is swift and straightforward. Choose your preferred MMA betting site from our list, create an account and fund it to start betting. It’s that simple!