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NHL Betting

The National Hockey League, or NHL, is a hugely popular sporting option for players in the USA and Canada, with players coming from all over the world. Each year, everything centers on who will win the Stanley Cup. But where and how can you do bet on this sport safely?

With more and more states legalizing online sports betting, the options are increasing. So, we’re going to take a look at everything you need to know when it comes to betting on the NHL.

Where is NHL betting legal in the US

For starters, if you intend to start betting on the NHL, you need to ensure you can do so from the state you’re in. More states are allowing sports betting, but not all. So, at this time, it’s possible to bet in states such as:

  • Oregon
  • Nevada
  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Wyoming
  • Iowa
  • Indiana
  • Illinois
  • Michigan
  • Pennsylvania
  • New York
  • New Hampshire
  • Virginia
  • Tennessee

Thanks to a change in Federal Law back in 2017, sports betting options are improving around the country. And, more and more states are adapting to this. If your state has not yet legalized betting, there are other options for you as well.

Best NHL betting sites and apps

Even in states where sports betting is legal, not all sites and sportsbooks are great. In fact, there are a number of them that are still less than ideal for playing at. With that in mind, it’s important to check out specific features to ensure you’re playing at a safe site.

Whenever we recommend and review online sportsbooks for NHL betting, we make sure that we consider the following criteria:

  • Security and licensing
  • Range of sports available
  • Bonus offers
  • NHL bet types
  • Competitive market and good NHL betting odds
  • Payment options
  • Support

By considering all of these features, we’re able to recommend top-quality, secure places for you to place your NHL bets. So, check out our top list of NHL betting sites right here!

Fantasy NHL Betting

But, what can you do if your state has yet to legalize sports betting? Well, it’s important to note that you can’t get around this for the time being. Even if you try and sign up to a site in another state, you’re going to find that your gaming is blocked due to geo-restrictions.

And, if you do manage to get around these by using something like a VPN, you run the risk of getting caught, your account cancelled, and any winnings forfeit.

Instead, you can opt to enjoy daily fantasy sports betting on the NHL instead. These stores are legal in many more states, with top sites such as FanDuel and DraftKings both offering excellent betting experiences. You can also win money from these fantasy sites and all of it is legal.

How to bet on NHL online

So, once you’ve found a site, you can start NHL betting. But, how to do this? Well, you need to first understand exactly what the different bets are and also what the odds mean. Read on to find out more.

Types of NHL bets

There are myriad different types of NHL bets available when you play online. Understanding what these are will help you get ahead when you start betting. Here are some of the top options:

  • Moneyline — A standard bet on who will win the game. Just choose which team you think will win.
  • 60 Minute Line — A common bet that is about who will win after three periods. It can also include ties as a betting option. It’s harder to win than a Moneyline bet but has better odds.
  • Puck Line — This bet is similar to point spreads. Typically, the puck line is set at 1.5 goals which means that the team you pick to win needs to do so by a minimum of two goals for any bet to come through for you.
  • Total goals — this bet is about the total number of goals scored by both teams combined. Sportsbooks will set the total, you just have to bet whether it will be higher or lower.
  • Correct score — very hard to get right, the name is self-explanatory, you simply need to guess the exact score for both teams.

Other important bets you can place on the NHL include Proposition bets, Grand Salami, Futures and Parlays. Understanding each of these is very important if you intend to get seriously into NHL betting.

NHL betting odds

Being able to read the odds will also help you out immensely. After all, you don’t want to be betting on the wrong team before the puck drops!

In the USA, odds are written in American format, which means you’re going to see a plus or minus sign in front of the number. The favorite will have a minus while the underdog has a positive next to the bet amount. In this way, it’s very easy to pick the team you want to bet on.

Importantly, good sportsbooks will be constantly changing their odds. This means that they will remain competitive at all times. A good way to get a great deal is to check out the odds at a range of different sportsbooks and then place your bet with the best option.

Live in-play betting

A fun, relatively recent option for NHL betting is in-play betting. This means that you can actually place bets during a game. Previously, bets had to be placed before an event started.

With live betting, you can modify your bet, cash out early, and more. Odds are generally lower, but you have a better chance of walking away a winner.

Final thoughts

So, now you’ve had a quick rundown of NHL betting, it’s time to find a sportsbook and try it out. Check out our top list right here!