US GamblersNewsMichigan Tightens Grip on Unlicensed Gaming, VGW Withdraws

Michigan Tightens Grip on Unlicensed Gaming, VGW Withdraws

Michigan’s Crackdown on Sweepstakes Casinos Leads to VGW’s Exit

In a significant move reflecting Michigan’s increasing scrutiny of unlicensed gaming activities, Virtual Gaming Worlds (VGW), a prominent operator of several sweepstakes casino brands like Chumba Casino, has announced its decision to cease operations for Michigan players. This development comes as the state intensifies its efforts to regulate online gaming activities.

VGW, known for its innovative approach in the digital gaming arena, has allowed players to use digital currencies, which traditionally do not hold direct cash value. This strategy was seen as an attempt to navigate the complex landscape of gambling regulations. Despite this, players often spend real money on these platforms, and the sites offer cash and other valuable prizes, like gift cards.

Impact of VGW’s Withdrawal

VGW’s withdrawal marks a significant shift in the online casino landscape in Michigan. The company, which is already absent in Idaho and Washington, has cited the need to align its operations with the interests of all stakeholders as a key reason for its decision. This move underscores the challenges faced by gaming companies in adapting to diverse regulatory environments across states.

Michigan’s Stance on Unlicensed Gaming

Michigan’s firm stance against unlicensed gaming was further highlighted in September when Attorney General Dana Nessel, following a two-year investigation, reached an agreement with Golden Hearts Games, another sweepstakes casino operator. Nessel’s statement emphasized the state’s commitment to protecting consumers and ensuring compliance with gaming laws, highlighting the risks associated with unlicensed gaming platforms.

Broader Regulatory Trends

The issue extends beyond sweepstakes casinos. Recently, Michigan also targeted pick’em fantasy products, joining other states like Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina in this regulatory push. Maine went a step further by fining Underdog Sports and ordering the cessation of its pick’em product.


VGW’s exit from Michigan is a clear indicator of the changing dynamics in the online gambling industry, where regulatory compliance is becoming increasingly crucial. As states like Michigan continue to enforce their gaming laws, the landscape for digital gaming and sweepstakes casinos is set to evolve, prioritizing consumer protection and legal compliance.